Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After 3 rips and a couple of mods...

I'm quite pleased.

Yarn:Mission Falls 1824 Cotton , 5 balls, Colour 202

Needles: US #9&7 as called for in the pattern

Size: small

time to knit: 10 days, with 3 sessions of frogging included.

Mods: I did a 1x1 ribbing on the bottom. The twisted stockinette was too rigid for my taste. I added edging on the armholes as found here.

The back isn't uneven, I didn't realize (and neither did my volunteer photographer) that it was sitting funny when we did the shoot! I was just so excited to have it done.

Next time I might knit the next smallest size. Or possibly decrease a couple of stitches in the front. I really like the way the back is, the front is a little loose for my tastes. But it is definitely wearable and will be worn!

As a side note, I am wearing a convertible bra with the straps in "x" mode.