Monday, June 25, 2007

First Post!

Hi all! I'm very pleased to find this KAL. I've been working on Coachella since last thursday. Since I have been unable to find Berrocco products in my town. (indeed, according to the Berrocco website nobody in my town carries its products) I was forced to sub in a yarn. I had Mission Falls cotton in the stash, so off I went! I did the first try on as suggested in the pattern and it looked okay. Tried it on a little further along and at first view it seemed fine.

Looking a little closer, hmmm, might be hanging a bit strange around the bust.Turned sideways and oh boy, strange is not the word!I tugged a bit at it, thinking the cotton was just a bit more rigid than the suede would have been. Upon closer inspection, I think the bust shaping I added was a mistake. It's just too big. So I frogged it back past the shaping and am trying it without the bust shaping. Thank goodness this is a pretty quick knit!

Any thoughts?